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How does it work?

Tracking Success is a “choose your own adventure” programme. It puts the participants at the centre of the action.

Within minutes of starting, you are transported into the vast and wild African wilderness. You become the tracker in the complex task of tracking and finding your goal. Here you meet an expert wildlife tracking team and become immersed in their world. Your adventure begins as you embark on a problem-solving journey tracking rhinoceros and lion. You are exposed to multiple scenarios that require team discussion, group work, and ultimately decisions with different consequences.

We created Tracking Success to break the mold of traditional team-building programmes. We’ve developed a truly immersive experience that educates, entertains, and inspires. Tracking Success also allows for rich conversation and connection – speaking directly to the challenges leaders and organisations face.

The programme is a world-first.

It blends adventure, teaming, and experiential learning – into a single high- impact learning experience. Tracking Success is designed for teams looking to unlock their performance, adding a powerful addition to Talent and Leadership Programmes, business meetings, and large company conferences.